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Tejani is a brand name, created by Teja Perjet and Jani Jugovic. They are an indestructible team working together since May 2013. Their core business is located in Ljubljana, where they work at full speed in the field of culinary education. Besides cookery courses, they also offer workshops for children, children's birthday celebrations, team buildings, culinary events, catering and private cooking at homes.


Are you ready for a superb, authentic, intimate culinary experience, filled with laughter, relaxed socializing, new friendships and memories for life?


Grab a knife and get to know the land of flavors where imagination has no boundaries. Be bold, original and creative. Be Tejani.


At Tejani everyone finds its place, as well as parents and children. The reception area is in fact children playground, where your "little rascals" can dance, sing, draw, simply have fun. They can be creative, have fun and socialize with their peers. At the same time they win a lot of new cooking knowledge. Parents however can take a rest after a busy day and alone or in pairs or with your children prepare their new favorite dish.


Tejani workshops also take care of young adults who enhance self-esteem and become much more independent.



Teja Perjet


TejaPerjetTeja Perjet spent her years of studying in the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana. After graduation she built her career in marketing, where she worked in various fields. However, her hidden passion has always been, and remains, food, cooking and creating new dishes. The desire to own a restaurant and a happy coincidence and fate, led her to soul mate and project Tejani, the success of which she strongly believes. Teja is a passionate cook, loves food and everything associated with it. When creating and preparing her dishes, she complies with the principles of a healthy diet, use of quality ingredients and is especially skilled in preparing tasty and healthy meal at the same time. She cooks for 12 years, but the last two years she is searching for that perfect dessert.


Teja is bold. She took a risk, left a steady full-time job behind and focused on her dreams. She says that food is not only her dream; she also feels, breathes and lives it. She believes that everything in life happens for a reason and she was destined to cook.



Jani Jugovic


JaniJugovicJani Jugovic fell in love with cooking at early age of six, when his grandmother started to teach him how to prepare local specialties. Grandmother was actually the one who introduced him to the world of cooking; she had a very contagious enthusiasm. Since then he is cooking with all his soul and pleasure. His free time is dedicated to creating and discovering new dishes, through which he expresses himself. He started working as a cook when he was 14 years old and since then he gathered his experience in renowned restaurants in Slovenia. From apprentice to the chef he gained relevant experience and skills. Last year he devoted himself to the management of cookery courses where he introduced people with various foods, flavors, spices and above all the love and passion for cooking. His courses were based on socializing and exploring the world of creative cooking. His past and rebellious teenage years and the wish to help others led him to various projects, one of them connected with troubled youth, to which he is a great mentor and a friend. Mentoring young people, who are not aware of their potential, is one of the most important activities in Jani’s life, as he believes that they will the same as him find cooking a starting point for a better tomorrow.

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